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Mission, Vision and Values


TU GUIA EN SALAMANCA has the mission of offering high quality guided tours, with key attention to security, safety, and sustainability. Our activity is developed in Salamanca specially, but also in our province and region (Castile and León). Our main goal is to offer a personalized attention, good communication, and speed of response. The dream of our company is to make real our clients hope of living and enjoying unique experiences.

We strongly believe tourism is the biggest School in the world, and it can help us change part of our lives by contributing to the regeneration or our planet. With our guided tours and innovating experiences, we teach knowledge, value, and alternatives for a sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage.

Our mission to create experiences to live with our five senses push us to design different guided tours, and even to organize your tour in Castilla y León.


Our Vision is to be the company of reference in the tourism industry of Salamanca. The path to achieve it is to offer unique and innovative guided tours, and we seek to be the first option for foreign visitors, clients looking for a trip in Castile and Leon, and those who are looking for interesting, off-road, and eco-friendly experiences.

We project ourselves to grow as a sustainable company, increasing the profitability of our business, while working in an environmentally responsible, economically fair and socio-culturally inclusive manner.

We want to be an example company for the design and development of quality sustainable tourist visits, continually surprising our environment with our innovation, our professionalism and our commitment.


Committed to being a team with an excellent disposition for work, well trained, experienced, dynamic, effective, with a high response capacity, with the same purpose and a work objective focused on tourist satisfaction.

  • Quality in our services. Personalized attention to our clients in order to win their loyalty and trust. The goal is to ensure high quality services to an affordable price.
  • Customer – centric: Our client’s satisfaction is our key to TU GUIA EN SALAMANCA success. We know of your interest when we listen, understand and anticipate your needs and we manage to meet your expectations, as well as through satisfaction surveys, opinions on Tripadvisor, website, and comments on social networks. We always take into consideration every comment, review, opinion. Only by having our customer’s point of view as a reference we can improve day by day.
  • Social responsibility and Ethics with our employees, providers of services and clients. We are constantly committed to practicing the highest standards of integrity. honest, ethic and fair in all our activities. We take responsibility for our actions and treat everyone with respect, to ensure that we remain a trustworthy company. We also collaborate with different NGOs in the city, associations for the disabled and the elderly, schools, institutes… We believe that knowledge of the history, monuments, and spaces of Salamanca should be accessible and in the public domain, which is why we do our bit of sand so that it is so, and we can all enjoy and love our city and region.
  • Sustainability and safety: We are committed to sustainability at all levels: our activities are environmentally respectful, socioculturally equitable, economically fair and profitable. We have a long-term vision, which is why we involve both our clients in the process of continuous improvement, as well as our carefully chosen suppliers. Necessary measures are in place to avoid possible spread of COVID-19.
  • New and original guided tours which turns into unique experiences. We are open to new ideas that break out the present. Always looking for new services, new ways of turning something known into something to discover.
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