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If you are looking for a different guided tour, away from mass toursim, and you are willing to discover a unique and extraordinary Salamanca…. I am your guide!

Since I was little I have loved traveling, discovering art, and mixing with the local people to get to know the authentic flavor of the city I visit. This has helped me to speak 4 languages: I have a degree in English Philology, and I speak English, French and Italian fluently, languages ​​that I have studied at the Official School of Languages ​​until I obtained a C1/C2 level, and that I have not stopped practice. I have worked for several years at the Salamanca Tourist Office, and I have an Official guide card.

I am passionate about Salamanca, its corners, its living history, its way of life, its magical gardens, its rich gastronomy, its people, writers, and various historical figures who have walked through the same streets that we tread. . I have always taught the city and have transmitted my love for it to all who visited me. In addition to doing it as a hobby, I have worked as an accompanying guide for different travel agencies and tour operators, both national and international. I have also been a Spanish teacher for 10 years, and during this time I have conducted guided tours for my students, transmitting to them not only my love for the language I speak, but also for the city in which they were.

It is an honor for me to be able to be “ambassador of Salamanca” and open the eyes of all who visit us to the golden and magical light that surrounds the city and makes it a unique place.

Book your visit with me and get to know the authentic flavor of Salamanca!

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