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Responsible tourism

TUGUIAENSALAMANCA is aware that tourism is essential for the development of local and rural communities. For this reason, preservation, maintenance, and knowledge must be a key point to ensure success. We generate good practises and little environmental impact.

“FUTURE STARTS TODAY” We look ahead and create experiences that place value on cultural and natural heritage as well as strengthen the commitment of sustainability.

United Nations, and in particular The World Tourism Organization has called for achieving 17 goals in 2030. 17 key points to succeed in global sustainability. 17 wishes to eliminate poverty, to protect the planet and to ensure prosperity for all of us. TU GUIA EN SALAMANCA is committed to do their bit in 10 of them:

Goal 1 – No poverty

Sustainable tourism development, and its impact at community level, can be linked with national poverty reduction goals, those related to promoting entrepreneurship and small businesses, and empowering less favored groups, particularly youth and women.

Goal 4 – Quality education

Tourism has “the ability to promote inclusiveness, the values ​​of a culture of tolerance… the interactivity of citizenship on a global scale.” Our activities are a meeting place and interactivity between cultures, since they are open to foreign and national tourists united by their interest in the local, nature, gastronomy and culture of our region. Activities are also organized for people with disabilities, social exclusion groups, children, the elderly… in order to teach and train them about a space and a region that is also theirs.

Goal 5 – Gender equality

“Tourism can empower women…particularly through the provision of jobs.” We offer equal opportunities to men and women. In addition, we prepare activities where important women in the history of Salamanca and Castilla y León are made known.

Goal 7 – Affordable and clean energy

“Tourism can accelerate the shift to renewable energy and…reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” In this sense, we join the zero CO₂ emissions challenge and our production is neutral, using the bike as an alternative means of transport.

Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth

Tourism is responsible for the creation of 1 in 11 jobs in the world, according to the UNWTO. From our company we give access to decent work opportunities to improve the skills and professional development of young people and workers in Salamanca and Castilla y León.

Goal 10 – Reduced inequalities

By involving the local population, and making known all the resources that our region has through various activities, we promote community progress and the reduction of inequality between social groups. Knowledge is power, and it is our duty to safeguard our history and spaces, allowing all of us to participate in its importance.

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production

The company monitors its CO2 footprint, flees from crowds, always counting on small groups and little-known spaces. We also promote local and natural products offered by our suppliers.

Goal 13 – Climate action

Our challenge is to contribute to different regional programs for reforestation and care of the forests of Castilla y León. In the same way we will carry out different solidarity activities whose objective is the protection and reforestation of natural spaces.

Goal 15 – Life on land

Getting to know the protected natural spaces, participating in native flora and fauna conservation programs, and activities aimed at raising awareness of climate change are a fundamental part of our experiences.

Goal 16 – Peace and justice

“The sector can promote tolerance and multicultural and interfaith understanding.” Our company is open to tourists from all over the world, allowing our excursions and activities to be a meeting place, dialogue and camaraderie for all those who choose us. Likewise, “sustainable tourism… benefits and involves local communities”, and thus we help to reinforce cultural identity, knowing and promoting the consumption of products from our land.

“Harnessing the benefits of tourism will be critical to achieving the sustainable development goals and making the development agenda a reality.”

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki.moon on World Tourism Day 2014

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