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Take a typical gift from your visit to Salamanca leaving us your review (applicable to private visits)

Salamanca is a gift

Give unforgettable experiences to your loved ones. Make enjoy moments to remember.

    Choose the amount of your gift card (minimum €50):

    Include a personalized message:

    gift at the moment

    Buy your card in advance or at the last minute. After making the payment, you will receive it in your email, and you can send it by email, by letter, or gift wrap it.

    flexible selection

    There is no restriction to spend the balance of the card. The recipient can choose between all the visits offered (subject to availability and a minimum number of people), request a private visit, or a personalized itinerary.

    Unforgetable experience

    Access the best that Salamanca has to offer. Get away from material gifts, give an experience, a shared moment, a trip that will remain to be remembered

    Have you doubts?

    1. Choose an amount, and write your message, if you wish.
    2. Once your request is received, we will contact you by email to tell you how to make the payment.
    3. After making the payment, you will receive the printable gift card with a code to redeem in your email.

    No, you just have to choose the amount. The Recipient may decide how to use it.

    The gift card is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

    There is no fixed amount. You decide the value of the gift card.

    Our cards are printable. In addition, they have an adaptable design, since you can add a personalized message. They are a perfect gift to deliver in person.

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