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We tell you 15 things to see and do in Salamanca for free to have an unforgettable, original and cheap visit to the city.

Oddly enough, there are many activities, museums and monuments that you can enjoy in Salamanca without paying a euro. In addition, some tourist places are free on certain days and times. We tell you everything below!

1. INTERPRETATION CENTER OF THE CITY MONUMENTA SALMANTICAE: If you want to know the history of Salamanca, in the old church of San Millán you will discover an essential space. It has a model of the city, and three audios (in Spanish, for children, and in English) so that you do not miss the most important events that happened in Salamanca. In addition, you can expand the information on the touch screens. Closed on Mondays.

2. HUERTO DE CALIXTO Y MELIBEA: This garden on the medieval wall is one of the most romantic spaces in the city. Fernando de Rojas was inspired by this place to write “La Celestina”. Open all day, any time is great to relax and enjoy beautiful views.

3. CUEVA DE SALAMANCA: The old church of San Cebrián, attached to the wall, became the scene of legend… and it is said that the Devil taught here. Miguel de Cervantes echoed this story, and internationalized it. Discover the magic of this space. In summer concerts and theater are organized at night, and they are also free!

4. CIELO DE SALAMANCA: In the Patio de Escuelas Menores you will be surprised by this fresco from the s. XV. Painted by Fernando Gallego represents the constellations and signs of the zodiac. It was used to decorate, but also to teach astrology. Find your zodiac sign, and marvel at seeing the stars during the day too!

Cielo de Salamanca

5. IGLESIA DE LA PURÍSIMA: This temple is a true art gallery. In addition to the famous Immaculate Conception by José de Ribera, you will discover paintings by Guido Reni, Giovanni Lanfranco, Massimo Stanzione, and… even Rubens! All the interior decoration is made with Italian marble.

Iglesia de la Purísima

6. PALACIO DE LA SALINA: The most Italian palace in Salamanca. It is the only one open to the street, which is why it served as the headquarters of the salt tobacconist until the 19th century. Ordered to be built by Doña Mayor de Fonseca, it is now the headquarters of the Provincial Council, and houses temporary exhibitions. Its different characteristics from the rest of the palaces in Salamanca gave rise to legends that have survived to this day. To find out about this, and more legends of our palaces, sign up for our visit.

La Salina

7. IGLESIA DE LA VERACRUZ: This jewel is linked to the oldest brotherhood in Salamanca, the brotherhood of Veracruz. Its interior was reformed by Churriguera. You will be surprised to discover modernist art in its chapel of the Virgen de los Dolores. In the temple you will be able to see the steps of the brotherhood, which make up almost all of the steps of the Holy Burial of Salmantino Good Friday. Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to know more about this church, and others, book our visit.

8. CERRO DE SAN VICENTE: The first settlement in the city has its origin on this hill in the s. VII BC The archaeological remains of these first inhabitants can be visited with the archaeologists who work in it. Get closer to the life of these first settlers, and learn about the union they had with Egypt, for example.

9. BARRIO DEL OESTE: Getting lost in the streets of its Urban Gallery is one of the different, and free, activities that you can do in Salamanca. The trapas and the facades of its buildings are an open-air museum. Every year a contest is held in which more graffiti is added, and renowned artists from the national and international scene are invited. Do not stay without your photo for Instagram! To find out all the details and curiosities of the neighbourhood, sign up for our visit.

Barrio del Oeste

10. DOMUS ARTIUM (DA2): If contemporary art is your thing, be sure to visit this museum. It is located in the building of the old prison. In fact, the doors of the cells and the original iron grill are preserved. Its temporary exhibitions always show the evolution of different artistic trends. They also offer free guided tours.

In addition to these monuments that are always free, below, discover what days and times the most famous monuments in Salamanca are free:


12. MUSEO DE SALAMANCA: Every Saturday and Sunday during its opening hours.

13. CATEDRALES DE SALAMANCA: Non-holiday Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

14. MUSEO CASA LIS: Thursday mornings.

15. MUSEO DE HISTORIA DE LA AUTOMOCIÓN: The first Tuesday of each month, in the afternoon.

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