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Famous women


Discover the lives of influential women who have shaped the city of Salamanca, and the country we live in today.

General Information

Check availability and prices for groups of more than 15 people


  • Discover the life and milestones of the most famous women in Salamanca
  • Admire their contributions to our social and cultural heritage
  • Be inspired by the stories of Spanish women and the stories of resistance and resilience

Explore with us the spots where many famous women lived and/or studied: houses, monuments, statues, and the rich heritage that we enjoy thanks you them. Uncover the incredible entrepreneurs, professors, queens, warriors, and writers that have made the city what it is today. Come hear the untold stories you won’t get anywhere else.

Our aim with this tour is to value, claim and restore the prominence of many women in Salamanca, and show their important role in shaping Spanish History.

Join our tour, and pay tribute to all these women who, anonymously or publicly, built our society.

Discover everythig about them with a local guide by your side, and feel the presence of these empowering women: Queen Isabella, Luisa de Medrano (first University professor), Beatriz Galindo (one of the first women in University in History, Santa Teresa de Jesús…

I will give you tips to enjoy your stay to the fullest, and I will help you feel at home. The date and time are up to you. Discover Salamanca at your own pace, and with your loved ones. Avoid mass tourism and get to know the real city of Salamanca with an expert local guide.


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Guided tour in English

Not Included:

Food or drink

Inside of monuments



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